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We manufacture to our customers' specifications, but are also ready to offer our support when it comes to new projects. The absolutely top priority here is cooperation in the product concept and further development phases.



is not just purely an image enhancer for us, but rather one of our primary goals. We also continue to provide you with our know-how, flexibility and close support after production.



Individual problem solutions

Progress never takes a break and, in addition to creating solutions, the continuous further development of machines can also lead to a range of problems.

Standard solutions are often totally inadequate in such cases; individual measures are called for.


Product quality

There are many manufacturing companies.

However, the number that produce both quality and quantity is continually shrinking. Our superior-quality serial and special products therefore ensure that we never fail to impress potential customers – time and again.



Standard tool holders were the mainstay in the early days. The range was expanded considerably over the years, so that today we supply our products to a variety of markets.


Value chain

Too many cooks spoil the broth!

Which is why we have refined our production to such a degree that over 90% of all production steps take place in our company.



We have 3D CAD/CAM workplaces with simulation at our disposal for the engineering of new components. 3D measurement protocols are also logged during the design and production of fixtures.

  • History

    The company was established in 1994, with the production facility at that time covering a mere 200 m2. The team consisted of 2 employees, operating a single lathe, one milling machine and a solitary grinding machine. The company moved to a dedicated 860 m2 production facility in 1997 which already needed to be extended by 1999 to cover an area of 1,460 m2.


    The sole takeover of the company in 2005 and the associated renaming of the enterprise by the current Managing Director, Markus Merten, heralded enormous changes. This proved to be a breath of fresh air for the company management, but it was also the exceptional motivation and individual initiative of each employee that was rapidly reflected throughout the entire enterprise which gave the company that additional boost.


    The current production area of 2,200 m2 is the result of a plant expansion in 2008. 50 personnel are currently employed, while apprentices receive training in both industrial and commercial professions.

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